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Meet some of the children of Starlight!

Meet 6-year-old Starlight child from British Columbia, Ryker, whose birthday is July 18th!

A lover of arts & crafts, Lego, and cooking, 6-year-old Ryker lives with renal failure. While he would much rather be out playing with his friends, his childhood has instead been filled with hospital visits, scary machines with tubes, surgeries, and daily dialysis. Fighting ongoing medical challenges can be a lonely journey, and the toughest part for this family is watching him realize all that he misses out on.

With Starlight in his corner, he thankfully has memories to hold onto away from the worries. From going on pirate adventures to safely receiving packs filled with fun during COVID-19, his mom shared, “When we are mentally drained, Starlight reminds these kids that they aren’t alone or forgotten.”

Starlight teen Eddie from Ontario will be turning 15 on May 25th!

Meet Eddie, a 14-year-old boy who misses out on a lot of school or daily fun because his mom is driving him to another doctor’s appointment or therapy session. His multiple diagnoses – hypotonia and much more – have had a huge impact on the whole family and makes it difficult to enjoy the things he loves, like hockey.

Starlight helps to provide priceless moments filled with family-fun away from the stresses and worries of Eddie’s medical challenges. Trips to Ripley’s, the ROM, and Drive 4 Smiles have been some of their favourite memories with Starlight, and they can’t wait for more!

From Quebec, we bring you Éléonore, who is celebrating her 8th birthday on March 6th!

Éléonore is a full-of-life 7-year-old girl who loves musicals! Living with Arnold-Chiari malformation, among many other conditions, leave her in daily pain; sometimes so bad she can’t even stand on her own two feet. Forced to grow up much faster than other kids her age, her family struggles every day with not knowing what the next health challenge holds for their little girl.

Luckily, Starlight gives Éléonore something she can count on: a chance to enjoy the magic of childhood. With unforgettable experiences like adapted water-skiing, family outings to a sports game, or watching our fun-filled Facebook Live shows during COVID-19, her mom shared that, “Starlight puts a sparkle in her eyes, and the hope that gives her the strength to keep fighting.”

Learn what your fundraiser can do!


$50 will give a birthday gift

Help a child celebrate their birthday while stuck in isolation!


$150 will give a gift and a Play From Hospital To Home Pack

Designed to bring happiness to seriously ill children, these packs are filled with toys, crafts, virtual activities, and more!


$5,000 will fulfill Wishes (Day Brighteners, Great Escapes, Once In A Lifetime Wishes)

Whether they are wishing for a simple night out with a loved one, or dreaming big with an ultimate wish of a lifetime, Starlight creates magic where kids can shine even when sick.


Please note that these bios are merely examples and are not tied directly to the funds you raise.